ELTE Sports Night

Let’s do some sports together through a whole night!

We will organize championships in futsal, basketball and volleyball, and during the event you can try aerobics, combat sports, kettlebell, TRX, functional training, floor curling, airflow, pole fitness and chess!

Venue: BEAC, Bogdánfy utca 10/B, Sports hall.
Date: 2019.04.25. Thursday 17:30-23:59

ELTE Student with any kind of BEAC pass: 800 HUF
ELTE Student: 1000 HUF
Other with any kind of BEAC pass: 1200 HUF
Other: 1500 HUF




Team sports registration is valid if the team pay the registration fee until 18th of April at the BEAC Office (1117 Budapest, Bogdánfy u.10/B, 1st stairway, 2nd floor, opening hours: M-F 8:30-16:30) We can only accept the first 10 futsal, 8 volleyball and 8 basketball registration!

ATTENTION! Futsal- and volleyball tournaments are FULL! Basketball tournament payment deadline is extended until 23rd of April 12:00!

If you are interested in individual sports, you can pay anytime, even at the registration desk at the event.

Individual Sports

Aerobics: nice and fun movements with some awesome party music at the first session, stretching, core strengthening and spinal training at the second session.

TRX, Kettlebell and functional training: whole body strengthening with own weight and equipment. It gives you power, balance and mobility at the same time.

Combat sports: gives you introduction into kick-box, box, karate, muay thai and brazil jitsu in one place. You can try yourself in self-defence techniques, useful for girls and guys also.

Polefitness: combine your acrobatic, artistic and fun side with some awesome strengthening, your gender, weight or height doesn’t matter here.

Airflow: yoga in hammock, awesome artistic elements, strength and beauty. Boys and girls, here you can really fly!

Ballance training: stability, balance, strength, fun and BOSU! An exciting way to train your whole body with every single movement.

Chess: give your brain a nice training, it’s time to give some shine to your mind!

Team Sports

You can register with a full, mixed team or gather one (you can write a post to the Facebook event and collect people there also) to futsal, basketball and volleyball. We will have tournament in every sports, fun is guaranteed!


BEAC Sport Office
1117 Budapest, Bogdánfy Ödön Street 10., 1st stairway, 2nd floor
Phone: 061-209-06-17
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-16:30

E-mail address: ejszakaisport@gmail.com

If you have questions contact our Facebook site!



Volleyball (mixed teams)

Venue: BEAC, Sports hall, Field number 1.


First match at 6:30 pm, warm up from 6pm.

Game continues until 25 scores or max 12 minutes.

The matches are timed with stopwatch.

Team players:

6 persons on the field in one time.

There has to be at least two girls in the team.

max 12 team members

You can change players any time.

Further rules

The organisers are going to class the teams in groups of 4 by drawing

Group winners are going to play in the final → 1st and 2nd place

Further results are announced based on the results in the group

In case of equal place, the better score is decisive

In ‘mix’ volleyball, men players can only assault from line 3

The game is organised on a standard volleyball court with mix net height.



Venue: BEAC, Sports hall, Field number 2.


First match at 6:30 pm, warm up from 6pm.

Matches 1x 12 minutes

Only one minute between the matches, when the next team has to come up to the field

The matches are timed with stopwatch.

Team members:

On the field there can be 3+1 player

Max 12 team members

Optimal number of the players is 7-8

Further rules:

Ball size is number 4

Field is bordered with lines

In case of fouls, free kicks are awarded, in case of flagrant fouls/misconduct, the player is punished with 2-minute dismissal, there is no slide tackling!

After a goal there is kick-off

If the goalkeeper can only keep with legs, cannot touch the ball – in case a goalkeeper or any other player touches the ball on purpose in 7 meters, then the opponent team has a penalty kick from point 7

During the match, all players can do corner-kicks

If the ball is out of the game area, players can only bring it back to the game with foot

In case of side-kicks, goal-kicks and corner-kicks, opponent team members must stand at least 3 m from the ball

In case one of the teams is not present at the time of the start of the game, the opponent team wins the match to 3-0; or if the opponent team agrees to play the match with a shorter game time, the original rules apply

In case of point equality, we look at: 1) better goal difference 2) results compared to each-other 3) more goals scored 4) less goals got 5) draw

10 teams will be represented in 2 groups and there will be 10-10 matches in the groups.

After that the playoff will be played by the 2 winners of the groups.

Playoff schedule:  A1-B2, B1-A2, bronze match and finals.



Venue: BEAC, Sports hall, Field number 2.


First match at 6:30 pm, warm up from 6pm.

12 minutes for one match

There will be 3-minute breaks between the matches while the next team has to come up to the field

The matches are timed with stopwatch.

Team members

3 players on the field in one time, and maximum 6 persons in the team

Further rules

The games will take place on a basketball half-court.

A toss-up will decide which team has the first possession

Each basket scored from inside the semi-circle (inside the 6.75 m line) will be awarded with 1 point.

Each basket scored from outside the semi-circle (beyond the 6.75 m line) will be awarded with 2 points.

Each made free throw will be awarded with 1 point.

A team wins if it scores 21 or more during the given time

If there is a tie in the knockout phase, there will be an overtime period played the first team to get a 2  point advantage in overtime wins the game.